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Question Single-wide GTX 1650, that runs on a non-UEFI host BIOS/system? (Nope, none at Newegg)


Aug 25, 2001
Asking, both for knowledge, and someone else in another thread with a (gasp) GT220 card that's failing, or seems to be.

Price on a GTX 1650 might be too high for him, but I'm personally a bit curious as to whether there are any single-wide 1650 cards. IMHO, someone should make one, but maybe that's asking too much. The industry as a whole has kind of adapted to double-wide GPUs, and EVGA's "Black" short ITX GTX 16-series cards are even triple-wide (!).

Edit: Went to Newegg, selected "Components", "Video Cards", "Desktop Video cards", and then checked off "GTX 16 series", and went and looked at the "Slot Width" category, only two choices, "double-width", and "triple-width". Also, "low-profile bracket included", only option was "no".

Pretty slim pickings in this category. I've still got a few GT 630 single-slot cards, guess that I'm going to try to hold on to them, never know when you might need a single-slot card.


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Jun 26, 2007
AFAIK ASUS, Zotac and Gigabyte offer 2-slot low profile cards and Palit lists a number of single slot cards in their site but that's about it. All cards I’ve seen sport 4GB of GDDR5 and have no power connectors. As for legacy BIOS support, there is no info on this for any of these cards.