Single card Eyefinity benchmarks.

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Graphics' started by Skurge, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Ok, so Im really looking at an eyefinity setup and I don't like Xfire/SLI so I'd like to run it on a single card. Im no stranger to turning settings down to run at native resolution. I had a 5770 with a 1080p monitor until recently.

    It looks like my best option is a 6950 2gb as it costs the same as a 6870. I plan on getting the monitors 1st as they don't really become obsolete. DP monitors are hard to come by here. So just to clarify, for 1080p will I need a active DP adapter or can I use a a passive one?

    So I found some benchmarks of a single 6970 at playable settings (all the others are set at max settings which sometimes aren't playable)

    What I would like to ask is any 6950/6970/6870 eyefinity users to post there benchmarks and settings here to I can gauge how will the cards do.

    Any game you can test is welcome.
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    Hi, i havent benchmarked any games but i've tried my setup with f1 2010, cod black ops and rift. Im not running "ultra" on everything in black ops or f12010 since im only running a single 6970, i want more then 30 fps on the games i play so i sacrifice alittle eyecandy for smooth running games.

    In COD i have the settings on "normal" not auto, and i have around 80-90fps on most levels.

    F12010 im around 60(dont really remember, my steering wheel didnt want to work today:( ) But again, its running good if i dont put all on ultra.

    Rift(new mmo in beta), everything on normal, runs pretty smooth, havent tested it thorougly.

    I've also tested Unigine heaven, sanctuary and the pacific one(dont remember what thats called) It runs fluid if i keep tesselation down and not scale it up.

    Im running a 2600K @ 4.5, and a stock 6970, 3 24inch 1920*1080.

    Oh, i should download a free 3dmark 11 tomorrow, i'll let you know if i do ;)
    Hope this helps :)
    I wouldnt go back now tbh, the desktop space is enough for me nowadays, theres soo much space! :) Would like youtube to do fullscreen on one screen instead of blacking out the other 2 tho :p
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    Skurge try this method.

    Search for 6950 x-fire eyefinity benchmarks and chop off a little more then half the fps.
    That should give you a good idea where your fps will be.

    Hardware heaven has some good ones.