Shuttle DS81 build for music production...good or bad idea?


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Nov 7, 2004
I'm looking to put together a PC (or possibly a laptop if I can't find what I need) that is low in heat dispersion (important), easy to move, and powerful for primarily music production, although some gaming ability once in a blue moon would be good too. However, I haven't been able to find a decent vid card in one of these.
I came across the Shuttle DS81 and it seems good on paper, but reviews by users are scarce. Would this be a good build for my needs? Any cheaper hardware alternatives with equal power?
Shuttle DS81:
16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM:
Samsung 840 EVO SSD :
Intel Core i7-4770K:
OS: Win 7
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Oct 19, 2000
I helped my dad spec out and get a DS61. Seems to love it, but I wouldn't get the 4770k I would get the 4770S. Two major reasons and a small one, first is that its a lower wattage CPU and will handle the smaller case better, second is that the K CPU gets a lower GPU and since you will be running iGPU you want the best specced GPU you can get, the third is really simple if you really wanted the couple hundred mhz get the 4770 or 4771, not the 4770k as you can't overclock that system at all nor would you want to.

I should mention he uses it for audio management stuff for HAM radio work. Don't know how or why or how the apps work or if he had external audio systems connected for something else. I do know that even though every thing is specced out lower it was 10x better for the job then the ROG IVB Asus he had (17" model).
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