Shucking HD's is over?

Discussion in 'Memory and Storage' started by Elixer, Jan 26, 2017.

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    It was heart wrenching to be involved in sending one to recovery services and spend a thousand bucks (even though its not my money or drive) because the users life was on it. Although I don't think shucking would have saved this one anyway, the usb interface sure does render software based recovery tools worthless.
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    All drives were manufactured 11 SEP 2016. So fairly recent.

    No bloody clue. The thing about the ones I shucked, they weren't just a couple bucks cheaper and I was being a miser about it... but the 8TB drives I ordered were anywhere from about $70 to over $150 cheaper.

    The drives I got were HGSTs whitelabeled to be WDs. 7200rpm and TLER can be modified, too. Granted, there's a little gambling involved. You might get HGSTs, you might get WD Reds or Blacks, depending on the batch. But most people report HGSTs. Either way, still cheaper than getting any of the other three.

    WD My Book 8TB: $229
    WD Red 5400 Rpm 8TB: $327
    HGST Deskstar NAS 8TB: $329
    WD Red Pro 7200 RPM 8TB: $447
    HGST Ultrastar He8 7200RPM 8TB: $526

    Huge difference in pricing there for what you get in the My Books and shuck. Same body, same label, same specs as the Ultrastar.
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