Question Shared Drive Auto Mapping issue in Hyper-V


Senior member
Jan 1, 2002
Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me out with shared drives being mapped automatically to user names even though I never configured them to do so. I'm currently running two VMs on Hyper-V, one is a windows server vm and the other a standard vm to log into with other users created in AD. I'm trying to get better in AD (only using Hyper-V to train myself) but I'm having some trouble figuring out why some shared folders are automatically mapping to some user profiles when I never asked it to.

I'll try and explain. I have a folder called "profiles" and inside of that "profiles" folder has some users, Person 1, Person 2, Person 3 etc. I had GPO'd each folder to their "user profile" so each time they reboot those folders get automatically mapped, which DOES work. Here's the issue, for some strange reason, random folders are ALSO being automatically mapped to these user profiles for no reason even though when you look at the GPO for each specific user you will only see a SINGLE mapped drive was assigned to them. I'm not sure why this is occurring. Other folders that are on the root of the windows server vm are "Entertainment", "GUMC", "Home", "CCOntario" etc that are OUTSIDE of the "profiles" folder. These folders are being auto mapped to other users and I have no idea why. If anyone can clear this up it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.