Share SBC DSL connection??


Sep 19, 2000
Hi all,

I am having this problem. I subscribed SBC Yahoo! DSL and am trying to share the connection with my roommate. I am using a SMC EZ switch as the hub and connected both PC to hub. But SBC only allows one connection. So if any one of us connects to the DSL, the other one will get the "phone line busy" and nothing more.

Is it possible to let a router dial to the DSL and then both of the PC can share the connection? or set one as server and let the other one get the connection from the server? If so, a brief instruction will be appreciated!

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Oct 8, 2003
Just get a router and you will be set.

Once you have a router, you can get rid of the SBC connection manager software as well.

1. plug dsl modem into WAN port in router.
2. log in to router and set the internet login. (primary email address and password)
3. select get DNS automatically from ISP

Just plug each computer into the router and you should be set. ( you may need to configure Windows to connect to the internet via the LAN. Linux should be pretty automatic. )