Question Share monitors between desktop and work laptop


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Sep 25, 2006

I'm looking for two new monitors for my home office. I have a personal desktop pc and a work laptop and I would like to share both screens with both desktop and laptop and also share the same keyboard and mouse.

I would like to be able to switch quickly between the two machines. So ideally a couple of clicks and everything switches.

I am looking at 27in 1440p and while most of the time I will be using the screens for work or productivity I might occasionally do some gaming.

So I figure I need a USB-C hub monitor that daisy chains to a second monitor.

Any suggestions/recommendations on which products I need? Anybody done anything similar?

I found this monitor which has USB-C hub and inbuilt KVM but is only 60Hz:
Dell UltraSharp 27 USB-C Hub Monitor - U2722DE

And this one which is more gaming centric but does not do daisy chaining:
Gigabyte M27Q X

If I daisy chain the M27Q from the Dell U2722DE would I be able to configure my PC to use the M27Q for gaming?



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Mar 21, 2007
Here's my setup that I posted in another thread.
Here's my setup which is similar to what you are after. I don't believe a single device will do what you want (I couldn't find one when I did mine).

Home Desktop
Work laptop (Dell XPS 15) with docking station
3 monitors, keyboard and mouse
USB switch

I have the Dell docking station connected via thunderbolt to the laptop. It connects to each monitor via HDMI. A single USB to the USB switch.

Desktop connects to each monitor via DP. Single USB to the USB switch.

USB switch connects to both the keyboard and mouse. I simply click the button to transfer the keyboard and mouse to each computer and use the input button on the monitors to change between the two computers.

Here is the USB switch. UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch...
And any USB dock should work as long as it has the connections you need.


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Jan 8, 2010
Current setup.

x2 Viewsonic XG271QG 1440 monitors.

Work laptop (Dell or HP) connects to a Dell Thunderbolt docking station. Docking station connects to monitors via HDMI.

Personal desktop connects to monitors via Display Port. Use the quick access switch on the monitors to switch between DP and HDMI.

Keychron K10 keyboard. Connects to desktop via wire. Laptop via bluetooth. There is a slider switch to change from wired to bluetooth mode on the keyboard.

Corsair Dark Core connects to desktop via 2.4GHz wireless; laptop via bluetooth. Slider switch on the bottom to switch between wired, wireless, and bluetooth modes. Separate mouse in my backpack for the laptop for in-office days.

Note, used an Anker USB-C docking hub with the laptop for a couple of years. Didn't play well with ethernet or a USB switch. That's how I ended up with a kvm switch-less solution.