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sff build


Aug 11, 2016
Hi folks,

I'd love some input on the new skull canyon or similar sff. I'd like a home computer that can handle photoshop with ease, no intention for gaming and no need for a dvd drive. I would like excellent wifi and newest ports ie 3.1 type C, thunderbolt etc. I have a tiny apartment and desk and want to keep the size as small as possible (I'm not considering a full-size desktop--perhaps a 13 or 15" laptop if someone has a suggestion.

It looks like skull canyon meets everything? Not sure how it handles PS and how upgradable it as (if at all).
I could go a little bigger in size but would prefer not to build from scratch...but I could try it out if need be.

I also found this link which looks interesting.

I'd like to keep it around $1000-1200 usd max (already have monitor).

Thanks for your 2 cents!