SETI problems


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Jul 21, 2002

I'm having a couple of problems while running SETI (CLI version) in the background.

1) Screen saver is fubar'ed. My system never activates its screen saver, and my "Display Properties" freezes whenever I attempt to change the screen saver. It seems like SETI is being treated as an active process which prevents the screen saver from starting. The only screen savers that don't freeze are Sachs Marine Aquarium (which activates only when I ask for "preview"), and the SETI screen saver (which does nothing, and does not activate during "preview").

2) Overall performance seems a bit sluggish since I started running SETI. My Task Manager shows that SETI's priority is "low", but apparently it takes a little while to switch from SETI to ordinary activity.

I'm running Windows XP, SETI Driver, and SETI Spy 3.1.1. My system is an Athlon 1800+ with plenty of RAM, and I'm getting WU times of 3.5 hrs. I'd like to find a way to run SETI without affecting my overall system performance or the functionality of my screen saver, even if it reduces my WU throughput. Please advise?



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Oct 30, 2000
Well the CLI version of the SETI client doesn't have a screen saver so it looks like you had the GUI version installed before. I would make sure that version is uninstalled, it may be part of your problem.

It's not good to run SETI with a screen saver. Running a screen saver can make the SETI client run very slowly. Most of us just go to the power settings and set it to turn off the monitor when the computer isn't active.

I'm not sure about the lagging but there is a known issue between SETI and Outlook 2000 that causes lag when both of them are run.


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Jan 3, 2001
Just as Baldy18 said, and in addition you should set the "Screen Saver" to "Blank"