senseless Xmen babbling


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Oct 18, 1999
Just got back from seeing was packed at 5:00pm. Jesus. Anyway, for people who don't follow the comics, it does a great job of explaining things and keeping everything simple. Though I can pick out little inconsistencies in the movie, considering the budget, the fact that they had to condense 40 years into two hours, and the fact that they are trying to create reality from fantasy, it was a great movie. Hugh Jackson was awesome as Wolverine. I don't know how they casted him so well but he fit the part like a glove. The only thing missing from his rendition is parts of wolverine's attitude. He's got the cynicism and the resentment of scott (cyclops), but what he fails to portray is Logan's a.) never-say-die attitude, b.) his "little guy" image, and c.) his cockiness. I'm sure Jackson's 6'1" stature didn't help all that much in that respect, though. I was actually quite surprised that he was able to pull off not looking like a giant, especially being almost a foot taller than his character. When Wolverine fights Mystique as himself, I expected him to beat the hell out of her and say ?you may look like me but you sure don?t fight like me.? I think the depth of his character was lost in the translation, but hey, they also didn?t have 40 years to develop his character, so I can understand that. At least physically, he was the perfect Wolverine. Rogue, on the other hand, was somewhat of a disappointment. From an unbiased standpoint, her acting was great, but from an xmen fan, she just doesn't do rogue justice. It's like casting Harrison ford as gambit. Sure his acting may be great, but its not going to click with anyone who knows Gambit. Rogue should have been played by someone older and looking a little bit more like Elizabeth Hurley or another model. What is hard to remember, though vital, however, is the fact that this movie was NOT intended to be a recreation of the comics but a movie BASED on the comics. With that in mind, the movie never intended to be an exact duplicate, but what they did do, they did well. They actually took parts and themes from various xmen comic episodes and placed them in the movie, though not necessarily in the same fashion. Case in point: the Wolverine-Jubilee theme present in the comics and even the cartoon is manifested through Wolverine and Rogue in the movie. The ?Fatal Attractions? period when the adamantium is ripped from wolverine?s skeleton also seems to be present somewhat in the fact that magneto has such explicit control over wolverine?s body. The ancient Wolverine story about how Rogue saved the life of Mariko, Wolverine?s wife, by throwing her body in front of a laser blast directed at logan/mariko and then how wolverine let her absorb his healing factor so she wouldn?t die, was very overused in the film. It was under completely different context, and Rogue apparently never absorbed the super powers of Ms Marvel. The directors seemed to take that bit of information (that rogue can absorb his healing factor) and apply it very heavily towards the script. All in all though, it was about the best comic conversion I?ve ever seen. Especially for non-xmen-geeks. Enough senseless babbling for now.

P.S. Where the hell was the danger room????