Sempron 2500+ Operating Temp


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Apr 15, 2004
Lately my motherboard has been making beeps letting me know when my CPU is getting too hot. I have the BIOS set at the lowest setting, 50C, and whenever it gets to 47C it starts beeping. I've only seen it hit 48C a couple of times, never higher than that. I still know that's in the safe margins, correct? I've verified this by disabling the warning and saving and exiting my BIOS. No beeps. Re-enable it and it beeps again.

But what I really was wondering is what is the average AMD Sempron 2500+ operating temperature and where should I set my settings?


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Jun 29, 2001
Setting your bar at 50C is a bit too optimistic.

As long as your system doesn't lock up or give you errors, you should be fine. AMD rates their CPUs up to 85C. But that's the internal temperature of the chip and the temp you're reading is most likely the temperature of the socket. I would try for less than 60-70C.