Security software and software that can auto correct or warn the user of typos in URL


Jun 21, 2022
Hello, sometimes I made a typing mistake in the URL and got transferred to doggy websites such as those saying that my computer got infected, asking me to choose Yes or No, etc. Any good security software that can auto correct or warn me of typos in the URL?

I used Norton Internet Security many years ago but reply on Windows 10's security the past few years. I am considering to add extra protection to my PC. How is Norton's compared with Bitdefender's software?


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Aug 11, 2001
I'm not using any of that bloatware these days, but often I find I can just type the url in a google search box (instead of browser URL box) and it will fix it for me with a link to the *real* site. It'll read "showing results for" and the corrected domain name, and a little link below it to "Search instead for" (your mistyped one).

The thing about security suites is they will have to maintain a very timely database of all the fake sites out there, when their main purpose is malware. Some do have browser add-ons to keep you away from known bad sites but someone else will have to tell you which of those is most effective, if your primary need is blocking these fake domain misspellings... though I tried a couple different (major legit site domain names) and google search does a pretty good job spotting and correcting them.
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