Santa Cruz Feedback and other fun problems


Junior Member
Apr 7, 2004
First off thanks for any insight that you can offer on this problem.

Here is a summary of what has been happening and the steps I've taken to try and fix my problems.

I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. The thing gets very very nice sound whether playing music or gaming, but it has one glaring defect. I get what I'm almost certain is hardware feedback to the mic input. (IE even when using a headset whatever is outputting to my speakers gets picked up and recorded on my mic-in). This is very frustrating in such programs as ventrillo, where my online teammates cannot hear me over the roar of a helicopter. There are many other examples.

I thought I had solved this by enabling my on-board soundblaster live and using it just for the microphone in, muting and/or disabling all output. This works sometimes, but at other times (and it seems to only happen when I am playing the game Battlefield 2) my microphone will only record a loud static noise, which results in my teammates ears' bleeding and causes much confusion.

There are two solutions that I see. Either I find a way to fix the feedback issue with my santa cruz, or stop my on-board microphone input from glitching out and producing static at random times (which seems to be purely a software issue as this ONLY happens while in a game). I suppose the third solution is to pick up an Audigy2 ZS or the like, but I would rather not spend the money right now.

If anyone can shed some light on this situation I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.