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Nov 11, 2004
My Blue S10+ is back ordered from Best Buy. Pre-ordered it on Feb 21 and they said they don't have a date when it'll be available.



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Sep 14, 2000
The battery life on this S10+ is amazing so far. Been using it for 12 hours avidly and it's on 53%.
Yeah big step over the S9+. First phone I don't have to worry about very long travel days.

I thought the pill would bother me more but like the notch your brain filters it out after a few days.


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Jan 2, 2006
I played with all the S10s today. I have the S9+.

The S10+ is thinner and lighter than the S9+ and the dimensions are exactly the same despite the larger screen.

For me, the ultrawide lens is the big draw but:

- Lens distortion is very apparent. It's trivial to fix this in real-time with software but they didn't do it. Really stupid.

- The Pro mode (that you pretty much have to use for long low-noise exposures) doesn't function on the ultrawide lens. Again, really f****** stupid.

- The time warp video mode doesn't work with the ultrawide lens. WTActualF?

All these dumb software limitations.

- The wide lens for the front selfie camera is only marginally wider than the standard lens, which IMO isn't wide at all.

So the ultrawide lens to me is a big stupid flop due to the software limitations.

And again with the curved screen which means unwanted screen presses. And now that the fingerprint sensor is in the front you'll have to buy a special curved tempered glass screen protector with that area specially designed that goes on with LOCA glue, which is HARD to do, having tried it myself.
Aug 22, 2004
If this disappears after 2 or 3 yrs then I'll assume I was right :D
It'll disappear in 2 or 3 years, not because it's bad, but because under-screen camera tech will be fully mature. The other sensors (proximity, light) are already under the screen on the S10. I expect under-screen cameras to debut with the S11.


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Apr 2, 2002
One thing I like about the s10+ is much better speakers (loudness) than previous samsung phones.


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Oct 27, 2000
One thing I like about the s10+ is much better speakers (loudness) than previous samsung phones.
I do like that there is a speaker on the top now too. It's not fancy but at least I can hear things when cover the bottom speaker with my finger on accident. That was one thing I hated on my note 8.


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Oct 1, 2003
Really enjoying this S10+. The biggest negative in reviews I saw, was the low light shots. But since you can install the Google camera and use their night shots mode, there really isn't anything negative about this phone for me. I've compared on my phone, and they're much improved now. Hopefully Samsung updates their software, obviously the hardware can do it.

Battery life is awesome, but I don't use my phone as much as most people. Can't use it at work, so stays off then. Display is fantastic too. Admittedly, I'm a Samsung fan boy for years. Have the S3 frontier watch, and iconx buds. I'd get the newer watch, but no MST so it's a no go for me.
Oct 18, 1999
Received the fingerprint scanner update on my s10+ today. Drastically improved performance.


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Oct 1, 2003
Same here. Was not bad before, but I can tell a difference. And finally got my Galaxy Buds. But since there is no Galaxy Wearable app for the S3 Frontier, I cannot change the equalizer and ambient settings, without using my phone to listen to music, or change the touch settings to increase/decrease volume (why not standard?!). Which is beyond frustrating. Trying to untether myself from a phone at the gym is a huge reason why I love the watch. Yet not allowing me to change settings like with the app on the phone really pisses me off.
Feb 13, 2003
I got the S10 (regular, not Plus) a couple weeks ago after paying off the last two payments for my previous S8+. I only pay $2 more a month and I wanted a new phone because reasons, yay.

I went with the regular S10 and not Plus, even though I've had the 7 and 8 Plus models, because the 10+ was just a bit too big and the regular S10's screen is about the same as my S8+ overall anyway. I like the bigger storage and RAM over the S8, that's definitely nice. Although my S8+ still performed fine and I never experienced any slowness or choppiness with it.

So far I think the fingerprint reader on the S8+ was way better than the S10. I didn't mind it on the back, but it just read my finger a lot more accurately than the S10's does. It only validates my thumb about 75% of the time, and I made sure to choose different positions when I recorded the thumbprint. The S8+ got it right like 90% of the time or more. Although the face recognition is quite a bit better on the S10; it's noticeably faster. For some reason I can't use the phone while wearing my leather driving gloves when I could with the S8. That's kinda weird. Well, OCCASIONALLY I get it to pick up my thumb presses, but pretty much not. I wonder what the reason is for that, something in the screen construction I guess?

I still want to use Bixby more often because I think it can be handy if used to its abilities but haven't gotten into that much. Just tried it creating a text message by voice (good for driving) and having it set DND on.

I think my S8+ had way better battery life but I also kept mobile data off on that almost all the time. When I was at Verizon I mentioned that and they advised me to keep it on so I have, but it must be eating the battery. Otherwise my settings have remained the same (wifi/bluetooth on, GPS off). I just looked it up; the S8+ actually had a 3500 mAh battery and the S10 has a 3400 mAh. Bah.

Overall I like it. I kinda thought I'd be getting those wireless earbuds but they didn't come with my phone, just the wired ones. I have Pamu Scroll ones but am kinda "meh" about them so far. No biggie though.
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May 6, 2013
Whatchu think of me now? Not me, the recent S10 ads on tv - the song lyrics at the end when they show the S10 to S10 recharge. Don't have an S10, too big for my jeans front pocket, my S4 will do for a couple years.


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Jan 15, 2010
Picked up the S10 5G and holy cow this phone is HUGE!
It's kind of strange how they went with non removable storage.
The battery is bigger probably to accommodate the power sucking 5G hardware.
I got it for the promotion from Big Red.
I live on a farm so 5G won't be relevant for what, 80 years? :p 4G barely works so I have wifi which like all my AC devices gets around 700Mbps both ways so who needs 5G again? ;)
TBH though it's probably worth it to get the 1TB ceramic S10+ or wait for the Note10.

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