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Safeway sold for $9.4 billion, merges with Albertsons

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Senior member
Apr 12, 2003
This transaction is just part of Capitalism... They still will have to compete against the likes of Walmart or independent grocers which in Chicago market is saturated with. In some smaller towns there will be consolidation of grocery stores with less competition but that's how the free market operates. When Walmart goes into a small town and undercuts all the small business' and then drives them out.....its not illegal just how the free market operates!


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May 1, 2013
As am employee of Safeway I can say "merge" isnt really a correct statement. Albertson's and Safeway are two very different business models with different clientele. Based on what Ive heard...from various sources...say Ceberus will keep the two businesses separate. Most of the changes will be in executive management at both firms.

That said, Ceberus also owns Remington and Bushmaster. Will we get discounts on guns now? :awe:
Id rather see a guns and ammo isle myself. :D


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Nov 11, 2008
I live in one of those "underserved" communities. Used to have five large supermarkets for a market of about 35K ten years ago. Now its down to two and our grocery prices are a definitely higher than a city of 90K about 30 minutes from here. Safeway and Albertsons both left this town back then. I think we're a poster child for the effects on the consumer of this grocery shake up.