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Rosetta@Home - 11/13: Stats & milestones


Diamond Member
May 28, 2003
No new members today :(

[TA]R@H is now 222 members strong. That number excludes some additional 30 people combined in TeAm Enterprise and about 11 in the Rebel Alliance.

Need some stats? Take a look at Free-DC, BOINC-Stats and BOINC-Synergy

Got some questions? Try the Official R@H FAQ (work in progress).

Want to know something about the medical relevance of Rosetta? Take a look at this article.

Interested in alpha testing for Rosetta? Take a look at RALPH.

Yesterday's highest overall climber: OU812 (1,518 spots)

Yesterday's highest TeAm climber: Dranzerk (4 spots)

Yesterday's production for TA: 80,182 (day before: 78,671 = +1,511)

TA's RAC 83,366

TA's total score 31,246,866

TA's world rank is: #4

TA's production rank today #3

Milestone Makers:

networkman passed 25,000 creds :D

Dranzerk passed 5,000 creds ;)

OU812 passed 1,000 creds :)

Yesterday's top 25 producers:
  • TeAm Enterprise (14,998 creds)
  • Dennis (10,244 creds)
  • uallas5 (3,901 creds)
  • teriba (3,013 creds)
  • OhioDude (2,813 creds)

  • TA_TheReaper (2,572 creds)
  • BadThad (2,571 creds)
  • aaronpriest (2,486 creds)
  • The Arns Law Firm (2,430 creds)
  • Pokey (1,968 creds)

  • fusuikan (1,928 creds)
  • Fardringle (1,927 creds)
  • Paul (1,799 creds)
  • Rudy Toody (1,535 creds)
  • kmmatney (1,482 creds)

  • strider7 (1,368 creds)
  • ComputerManiac (1,360 creds)
  • ken008 (1,328 creds)
  • Dulanic (1,033 creds)
  • CrimsonWolf (982 creds)

  • Rebel Alliance (903 creds)
  • Canai (814 creds)
  • idlorj (779 creds)
  • Plox (727 creds)
  • TA_JC (713 creds)

SitRep for the TeAm and Rosetta News:
  • CD left the TeAm and now is with SETI.USA :(
  • Yesterday, we had 80 active members (36.04%).
  • Congrats to today's milestone makers! :gift:


BMC with thx to CyGoR


Distributed Computing Elite Member
Jan 3, 2001
Smoke waves goodbye to CD. :(

It's been great crunching with you. If you ever have any second thoughts, just remember, we will always leave the light on for your return. Good crunching. :)

Rudy Toody

Diamond Member
Sep 30, 2006
Congratulations, networkman, Dranzerk, and OU812!
Thanks for the stats, BMC!


Senior member
Sep 16, 2006
Seti for Rosetta :(...What's the allure? It seems to me people should be flocking to R@H & F@H over Seti, i dont get it :s

Even if we discover abnormalties, we can't contact them nor will our times be in sync (they send msg bil yrs ago ect?) and well, I doubt any intelligent life would be ideally the same as us. We could face impossibilities to communicate even if we met up. Tis all so absurd to me :( [Sure, it'd be fun. But why play when you can be saving the world with your comp. Like peter (mr.spideyman) saidish <<I've been given these powers, i must use them to save the world!>>)