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Ron Jeremy's up at "bat". Yes that Ron Jeremy

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Mar 11, 2004
I guess its POSSIBLE to rape a porn star, the difficulty would be proving it. Think about it. If he had rough consensual sex with her some time during the day then followed her home and raped her that night, how would a doctor or cop know the difference?
And no, I dont give a flying rat fuck that the victims testimony is evidence.
If thats all it takes to send a man to jail these days then our country is doomed.
You guess its possible to rape a porn star? WTF? Thanks for proving exactly the type of problem that rape victims have to deal with. Based on that logic, how the fuck would a doctor or cop know the difference ever? The accused could always claim it was consensual, and they can claim the victim wanted them to choke/beat/etc them.

Of course you don't. Gotta love that. Seriously do you fucking listen to yourself? "I don't give a shit about the victim's testimony" is exactly what you're saying there.

Yes, because as we know, rape convictions happen so frequently that it singlehandedly is what caused overcrowding of our prisons. Oh wait, no its the total opposite. Rape convictions happen so rarely, in no small part because of people like you. Which has enabled a glut of absolute monsters to be empowered to repeatedly do such things. Because their claims only matter if there's a string of victims coming out and saying it.

But yes, you're just a goddamn champion for sexual assault victims. GTFO with your concern trolling bullshit. No joke, I full on think you're intentionally copping that shit to try and get people to start turning against assault victims, because you've consistently shown to be a complete dumbshit when it comes to this stuff.

Actually, now that I think about it the two of them seem awfully similar.
Yeah, imagine that, if you actually read up on things, and think about them before you post your garbage, you can kinda see there might be some validity, you know, kinda like women have been fucking saying. But nope, disregard them, well unless there's what at least 10, then you can start to believe some of their claims.

Your stupidity is as irritating as your ignorance.
Nobody said shit about believing.

What I was talking about was convicting a man based entirely on one persons testimony.
You dingus.
Hypocrite. Few people on here, aside from the full on trolling and truly stupid, regularly are as irritably ignorant as you.

The hell? You literally said "And no, I dont give a flying rat fuck that the victims testimony is evidence." I don't know if you have a legit learning disorder, or you're trying to be as willfully stupid as possible, but you're literally saying you don't think their testimony should be believed as evidence. Do you not understand the meaning of words? Or are you like Turmp and think you can just claim you meant something else with the words you use to try and defend being a complete moron?

Well maybe not be such a fucking moron. Hell, even on your point you're being a fucking moron.

Is it just rape cases that you think the victim's testimony shouldn't count?

I've had Vegas hookers. Thats not true at all.
You really come off as a completely miserable fuck of a person.

I can see why you're having problems though. I'm getting the impression you've never had consensual sex that didn't involve you paying the person.
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Jul 15, 2003
So you've most likely engaged in sex slavery, or at the very least, financed groups involved in it.

I'm not surprised.
Nothing will ever surprise you.
You know everything there is to know.
Its really a shame you waste your time here with all us losers. You really need to be serving the Trump administration. Or at the very least, Fox news.
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