Resume Question: graduate research degrees

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Aug 17, 2002
Hey all,

For those of you who has a research-based MS or PhD, how many of you list "research assistant" at your matriculating department as a job position you held in your resume? What about departmental fellowships provided by your department?

I got into a discussion with a coworker who said that it was excessive to list those things since your graduate degree already implied that you did research and probably had financial support (if you had a PhD especially), but I argued that since not all graduate degrees (especially masters) these days offer financial support or required research work they should be listed separately to at least distinguish yourself from the other non-research coursework-only graduate degrees.

Obviously we're both right, since we work at the same place with the same level of pay and job position.

What's your take, ATOT?


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Oct 28, 2005
I put down my RA and TA stuff because that is extra work as you stated. More importantly, it gives an idea of the kind of research (and applied research) that you have done. I guess you could also have a cover letter that would entail the same information but I still haven't come across a company that asked for more than the resume. I don't know about fellowships, maybe put down that in a quick heading for other honors and awards.


Sep 10, 2001
You should list the specific "appointment" that you have at any given time. For example, usually you'll be brought in as a teaching/research assistant, then maybe you get a fellowship, so you could write:
2006-2009: Research Assistant, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Three Mile Island U
2009-2010: Department of Energy Prestigious Fellow, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Three Mile Island U
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