Question RESOLVED: Macrium Reflect Recovery -- optical disc is a version from 2017 or 2018


Jun 30, 2004
Macrium Support fired back their short, sweet response: older versions will indeed restore images made with more recent Macrium software versions.

Three thumbs up for Macrium, I say!

I looked for a place to post this question under "Software", finally drifting to this "Storage" forum for want of better.

I started using Macrium Reflect -- either v.5 or v.6 when I built my computer in 2017. There have been no hardware changes. It was a "Workstation" Macrium version, so I paid for it. I've always been more than impressed. I update my support subscription annually, because I''m so impressed. I could probably fire this question off to Macrium and get a response, but since I'm at Anandtech today, maybe someone knows the answer.

I made the bootable optical disc of Macrium -early in my history with it, so it was created from a version 5 or 6. Macrium has updated itself, I think, to version 8. There have been no hardware changes (nor driver changes) since I finished building the system.

I'm hoping that I can resurrect my boot-system volume using that optical disc. If I can't, then I have to download Macrium to another computer and incorporate the drivers for the system which needs its boot-system volume restored.

Should I be able to access my version 7 or 8 backups to restore my system disk with the version 5 or 6 optical recovery disc?
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