Republican legislature in WI once again lawmaking based on spite


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Oct 2, 2004

'Legalizing marijuana, paying for renovations at the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium and creating a paid family leave program are among the more than 500 items proposed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers that the Legislature’s Republican-controlled budget committee plans to kill Tuesday with a single vote.

The move comes as no surprise after Republicans, who control the state Legislature with large majorities, did the same with Evers’ past two budgets and said they would do again this year....

The state has a projected $7 billion budget surplus, money that Evers had proposed tapping to pay for a wide array of spending priorities that Republicans are killing.

Evers proposals slated to be stripped from the budget on Tuesday include:

  • a 10% income tax cut targeting middle- and low-income earners
  • $270 million to add more mental health providers in schools
  • freezing enrollment in the state’s private school voucher program
  • federal Medicaid expansion
  • raising the minimum wage
  • implementing automatic voter registration
  • repealing the state’s 'right-to-work' law
  • creating a program for workers, giving them 12 weeks of family and medical leave starting in 2025.'
So once again, the Rethuglicvnts here are doing the opposite of helping the state, and denying what the voters want.

I'd say they're trying to catch up to some of the other more recently extreme red states, but they started fucking over and taking power away from the current Democrat governor before he even took office a few years back (through lame duck laws at the last second). They've been trying to punish him ever since.
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Oct 2, 2004
That $7 billion surplus is almost guaranteed to go towards school vouchers and tax cuts for corporations and the rich.

Years ago when Scott Walker took office as governor, the state had a budget surplus of $1.7B. Walker immediately gave it to AT&T, wiping out the surplus and hobbling the budget for years. Pretty sure he also blamed the previous admin for the budget shortfall that followed his actions.

This is the same kind of behavior that our state legislature has done for decades. It only got worse with Donnie's emboldening and rewarding them for being shitty.


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Apr 3, 2001
The French love cheese, the people of Wisconsin love cheese... maybe the people of Wisconsin can learn to share something else the French do well, expressing their distaste for bullshit like this in particular ways.
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