Question Replacement for Dell Ultra Sharp 2000fp


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Mar 5, 2003
This is my second monitor and it is old. It doesn't support HDR which my graphic card (or Windows 11) doesn't seem to deal with well. It causes my main 32" 4K display to be dimmer because I'm running a mixes HDR/non-HDR setup.

I like that the Dell is 1200px tall. I *don't* want to replace it with a 1080p. 1200 more or less doesn't exist anymore as far as I can tell, so I think 1440p is it?

Because of how my desk is built, this monitor base sits higher than my main display, so I would like something that can be lowered to the surface it sits on, or close to it, so that the top of the displays can more or less be aligned (the main display is 32")

I don't want the side monitor to be too large, the current one is 20" I'd like this stay below 24 or 25 inches

And of course it's a second monitor, so trying not to break th bank. Unde $250 would be nice.

The AG Neovo EM2401QC seems to fit my requirements, it says USB-C but also HDMi. It says B2B only on Amazon but seems to let me add it to my cart.

The LG 24QP500-B 24 would also works but.itvsays tiltable and will not go as lot to the ground as I want as far as I can tell.


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Jan 27, 2022
If you can grab the panel model number off the one you want to replace you can pull up the physical stats on it on and then find a better replacement for cheaper most likely. I do this with laptops all the time since 4K panels don't seem to be common at a sensible price point when paired with a machine ready to ship. Those usually go for $4K+ for some reason when the panel costs me $300 and 10 mins to swap.