Recording as MP3 gets cut off


Senior member
Nov 27, 2001
Hi all,

I have a weird issue. I record radio shows on my PC via Winfast PVR and my Winfast tuner card. I had been recording the shows as MP3's and then save them to cd or my MP3 player for later listening. After installing Media Player 10 for use with my Verizon Vcast phone, it seems as something got messed up.

I record 5 hours of radio which normally comes in around 122MB. Now the 5 hrs of recording shows up as 18 minutes. I have sit and watched it and I know the recorder is running longer than 18 minutes. I tested this with an hour recording and the same result occurred. It was shorter than 18 minutes for the 1 hr recording though.

I tried uninstalling the winfast PVR but it did not change anything. Anyone ever heard of anything like this? I can record the 5hrs as a .wma file but the audio quality is horrible.

Any help is appreciated.