Record Digital Audio to PC from Set Top Box


Junior Member
Nov 23, 2006
It has become enjoyable listening to uninterupted cable music, (Brighthouse), is wonderful. I'd like to be able to record it to my desktop, (I have several hard drives), and then selectively load to my Nomad 'Zen. Integrated sound card on my MSI K7N2 Delta Motherboard has the normal 3 jacks, "Mic", Line in, Line out.

There are two digital audio outputs on the STB, both S/PDIF, one RCA, the other Toslink. Preference is for Toslink, but would settle for the RCA. What do I need to do in order to record this digital stereo music onto my PC's hard drive, i.e. either a Toslink or RCA input? What kind of PCI card must I find? I have several USB and Firewire ports available. Can they be used?

Thanks in advance for help and information.

G. Fries