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Recommendations for Linux based HTPC


Junior Member
Jun 19, 2012
I am looking for a relatively fast HTPC that will run Ubuntu and has native 1080p output via HDMI, will be able to handle web browsing via Chrome without any lags, will be able to hardware decode 1080p flawlessly without any stutter, has good WiFi performance, at least 2 USB ports (one to connect a wireless keyboard/mouse) and of course it needs to have fully unrestricted filesystem access.

I've tried the Roku 3 and really liked the snappy performance...so i'm looking for something equivalent in a HTPC Linux based profile.

I have a Logitech Revue which has major issues - horrible performance because it uses an Intel Atom and because it runs Android the content on many websites is blocked (Hulu etc.). In addition the Revue has a locked filesystem.

The only thing I've found so far is the Cubox by solid run but it does not seem to have much support around it so i'm wary of it.

Any other suggestions?


Junior Member
Dec 29, 2013
I'd suggest that you look into the Intel NUC. You can get the Celeron model for around $150- all you need to do is add RAM, an mSATA SSD, and a wireless card. Once you've done that, you can install your choice of Linux distros.

The NUC also comes with a VESA mount to install it on the back of your TV, and has an Ethernet port, which can be pretty handy. Add two HDMI ports and three USB ports, and you've got something good going. The only exception I can think of is if you need optical audio.