Rant: Public Bathrooms

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Oct 27, 2001

<< Reminds me of when I was in college. The entire first quarter we had no stall dividers in the mens bath rooms. Just a half a dozen thrones lined up next to each other. I paid how much in tuition for that? >>

so what did you do when you had to crap and where do they put toilet paper rolls?

I bet having no dividers save janitors lots of hassles. Is there a water hose connection nearby? I bet they simply take a hose and squirt everything down and call that "cleaning" :D.

MillionaireNextDoor wrote:

<< And that's why I just hold it in until I get home. I've pooped in public restrooms maybe twice in my life. It's soo embarassing it's scandalous. >>

Get over it. Holding it is bad for you. What's the term for fear of public rest. Pooingpubliophobia?
By the way, I prefer the cans at school. Those jet flushers never clogs up(unless you're a dumbass) and those industrial duty toilet seats are more comfy than one at my home.



Nov 19, 2001

<< the restrooms at the brussells airport are VERY clean

the nastiest bathroom i ever saw was at the hertz car rental place at Dulles Airport in Virginia, there was sh!t all over the toilet seat, the outside of the bowl and stall walls, some sick puppy smeared it all over

Belgium has probably the cleanest restrooms in the world. Because you pay for going in.


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Dec 27, 2001

<< ThaGrandCow, no offense meant, man, but what's the big deal? We can't change the world, we can't change the facts. We can't really make those bathrooms clean. >>

Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but 99% of the rants on this board are not fixable. That's the whole point of a rant... letting your dissatisfaction be known about something that cannot be changed.


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Sep 5, 2000
Originally posted by: ThaGrandCow
I really don't need to even rant here. Most of you (guys) know what I'm talking about. I can see a bars bathroom being messed up, but a movie theatre? I went to see Spider-Man last night and I couldn't believe the place. I can't even imagine how people get their own feces on the walls. Are they picking their own logs out of the toilet? Or are they just so ready to explode that they can't hold it in for the extra 2 miliseconds it would take to sit down?
Dredging this topic back up to let you know that they caught a guy doing just this.


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Nov 26, 1999
wow your stories are sooo damn funny, unfortunately that is. it's a fine example of no respect for public facilities. it's the same as tagging your loser tagname by etching the glass window of a public bus while you're sitting there riding in it. for whatever sad reasons, a larger portion of people in America than in other countries just don't care, as long as 'somebody else' cleans it up. it's even a satisfaction thing knowing that somebody else does have the responsibility of mopping up the mess u just did kinda thing.

and that thing with women's restrooms i'm sure there are a segment of guys that want the job to 'cleanup' women's period stuff.


Dec 26, 2000
This is one of the funniest threads I've read in awhile.

It is sick though, I generally refuse to use public bathrooms unless I ABSOLUTELY have to and cannot wait.

Anyone who ever went to Three Rivers Stadium...remember the bathrooms there??? Ughhhh..they didn't even have urinals, just a big wide open trough to pee in. That's gotta be the worst. A big old group event. No thank you.