Random stuff you see that makes you want to be a member of a different species.

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Nov 29, 2006
^ will you be sitting in a nursing home years from now, still clenching your buttocks and rambling about Trump?

He lost the election, it is a shame that you still can't MOVE ON ALREADY. That is exactly what the country needs.

Always move forward faster than everyone else, then you don't need to look in the rearview mirror much.

You might want to put the blame where it lies. With Trump and his followers. They haven't put it to rest. Cause and Effect. Check it out.
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Feb 24, 2009
One that when qualified to drive a car, assuming she passed a drivers test at some point, can put said vehicle between two other stationary vehicles.
I'd love to plonk one of these useless people who drive their living room on wheels around, in the middle off a traffic jam in India. Sink or swim baby.