random BSOD help!


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Apr 29, 2001
my friend's computer crashes randomly... here is the code...

stop 0x000000D1 Driver IRQL not less or equal
address BFE9CCSC Base at BFE920000
Date stamp 3EF051D - NDIS.SYS

His config is

an abit kt7a mobo, win 2000, a primary 40gb for windows. 1st ide card has 2 maxtor 80gb drives and the 2nd one has a 200 gb drive
sound card is a cheap c-media
nivida gforce fx 5200
ibm nic card10/100

he has changed the sound card, video card, ide card everything but the ram and Mb

Please help...

btw.. he told me that it also gives him the BSOD when he tries to download a file from MIRC.


Dec 21, 2002
I would first make sure you have the latest service pack for Win2K. If that doesnt help, I would take a spare hard drive, and do a clean 2K install on it, and try that. Then you can test installing the drivers and software you have on it etc..

I would probably try switching out (or trying 1 stick at a time) the memory first though.