RAM not compatible?


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Apr 23, 2005
Hey all,
I have an ECS GeForce6100SM-M (V1.0). I tried to install Windows XP on it with some Kingston Value RAM KVR800D2N5K2/1G. It is compatible according to Kingston, But all it did for me when I tried to install XP was give me BSODs . I was able to install XP using some Corsair I had (value RAM, 667 MHZ 2x512). Then I put the Kingston back in to test it. I got through 2 hours and 5 minutes torture test Prime95 first time, 2 hours and 6 minutes second time (stopped with errors at those times). I then ran it through Memtest86- it went through 9 times flawlessly.

After that I installed motherboard monitor to check on my voltages. After I did that, the PC kept shutting down after a couple of minutes with nothing really prompting the shutdowns. Keep in mind it had been on all night as I left it on for testing purposes, so this shutting down thing seemed to ahve more to do with installing mobo monitor. Uninstalling didn't help, nor did system restore or attempting a repair via XP disc.

So, I decided to re-install from scratch. Again, the Kingston memory did not work, but again I was able to succesfully install with the Corsair.

Anyway, I was wondering if there could be a compatibility issue or what could the problem be, as the RAM passed the MEMtest86 flawlessly for 9 full runs of the standard tests (for several hours in other words) and also got through Prime95 for 2 hours, but was unable to install Windows using it. What do you all think? Should I RMA the RAM? Or is it perhaps something else? ???


edit: posted this first in the RAM section but then realized it probably wouldn't get many views there and also that it is also a mobo issue too possibly

Please do not cross-post. I left the post in System Memory open for you, but I have locked this one. If you prefer it the other way around (this is one of those where does this best fit? posts) I'd be happy to swap them.
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