radeon9700 vs. 9500pro


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Apr 18, 2002
They're the same thing basically, only difference is the 9700 has twice the memory bandwidth due to its 256-bit memory bus compared to 128 on the 9500 Pro. So the 9700 is better. :)

If you don't enable Anti-Aliasing or Anisotropic Filtering, the difference won't be that big (though still significant), but if you turn them on, the 9700 kills the 9500Pro. Personally, I think the 9700 is a better deal...


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Oct 26, 1999
I really am happy with my 9700 Pro. The damn thing is so fast that I don't even bother overclocking it and I doubt i'll bother with a CPU upgrade for an extended period. In fact, when it comes time for more speed (that is when it is required) i'll overclock my 9700 then.

The 9500 Pro with 128mb should out-perform the castrated 64mb reveiw boards I would think, so it could put up a better showing than it did, especially in the FSAA/Ansio tests. Hopefully it will be priced at Ti4200 levels.


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Apr 15, 2002
;) 9700 is clearly better, kind of the diff between the Rad9700 and the Rad9500PRO is a bit like the diff between the Rad9000PRO and the Rad9000 (only you can't gain 256bit DDR by o/c'ing).

:D It will be interesting when the cards are actually out, availability has gone up, prices down (from the SRP) and the drivers mature / are tweaked further. Until then I'd say it looks as though a Rad8500LE-128 is great value for money (while you can still get them), GF4TI own the middle sector and the Rad9700 series is the clear champion. It will be interesting to see how NV30 fits in to the picture and what models are relaeased at what price points, and of course Trident's XP4 too. DX9 is likely to be a bit pointless for at least another 12 months (and think about the cards we'll be seeing by then) so it will really come down to pure speed, features and 'eye candy'.