Quick Question on Cable modems and Satellite TV


Senior member
Apr 21, 2001
So, I bought a new house, and we close in March. My issue is this: I want to have satellite TV in the same room where I want my cable modem located (office). Is it possible to have both signals running on the same line using some sort of diplexer?

For those of you who know about Satellites, I'll be using a Dispro satellite dish. connected to a DP34 switch and running to four rooms from the switch. Can I hook the Cable line into the port of the third satellite and use a diplexer on the other end?

I ask now, because if we need a second box run to this room it will be a PITA, and cost more money. But if its necessary, better to let them know sooner than later.

Thanks for your help, oh wise people of ATOT.