Quick question about a Socket A shim


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Mar 30, 2001
Hey everyone. I sold a non-conductive Socket A shim to a guy from the forums a while ago, and he has a question about mounting the shim on his CPU. I've never used a shim before, so I couldn't really answer his question. I'm hoping one of you can...here's what he said:

i placed the shim on the cpu, i peered at it from the side and noticed
a couple of places where it didn't touch the cpu, i tried flattening it but
my method didn't seem to do so well, just wondering if you got any
suggestions on how to get it to be perfectly flat with the cpu.

I think he means the edges aren't sitting flat on the CPU. So, any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance.



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Jun 26, 2001
It depends on what cpu he has. If he has an XP no luck, you see as the layout of T-Birds and XPs are different (the bridges are placed in different places) shims made for T-Birds won't fit XPs, and since it's while ago I think the shim is made for T-Birds (I don't know if theres even made shims for XPs).
If he has a T-Bird (or Duron with a similar layout) he just has to rotate the shim so it fits, there's probably holes in it where the bridges are so that it would lie flat on the cpu. It should not be higher than the core, if it is the hsf won't sit tight on the cpu thus cooling worse and in the worst case the cpu will either be fried or the hsf will crack the core. So if he can't get it "flat with the cpu" then he shouldn't use it, it would do more harm than good.