Question about networked folders. PLEASE HELP


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Jul 19, 2002
I need some help about a small home office network. I have several networked computers but I need to create a folder on a computer that only one other computer would have access to. This shared folder should not be seen by any other of the networked computers.
Please help as I tried anything i could think of. Thank You in advance.

This OS is Windows XP Home, (if possible can you give step-by-step instructions.)

This is not General Hardware related. Try the OS or Networking categories.

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Sep 28, 2001
First off you might wanna move this on over to the networking forum. You will probably get a better responce.

So when you say you don't want them to see it do you mean you don't want them to be able to open it or you don't want them to even know its there.

(A quick and simple way I have did it is use IPX SPX instead of TCP/IP for they sharing of the one folder....)