Question about HDFury devices


Graphics Cards, CPU Moderator
Aug 9, 2016
Anyone one here using an HDFury device like the X3 or X4 along with a CRT? I guess the new X4 can even tone-map HDR on the fly for VGA devices from HDMI sources, which is insanely cool, but I'd like to know what the upper limit of resolutions actually are. Their documentation says stuff like 1080p72, but then also mentions that the RAMDAC can be increased to allow for higher resolutions and refresh rates, so I'm curious what those limits are. Any information would be helpful.

Why would I want this, you didn't ask? I just upgraded from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1080 Ti, I have lost the ability to use a high-speed internal RAMDAC to push the higher resolutions and refresh rates I'm used to with my CRT (2560x1440@85Hz, for example). Currently, the DisplayPort/VGA adapter I'm using tops out at 1280x1024 resolution, but fortunately it does so at 120Hz. Using DSR, I can run most of my games at 2560x2048@120Hz (or 2560x1600/1440, depending on the game), which is still sufficient to push my GPU to 100%.

Sadly, the DP/VGA adapter can't push any higher resolution. I can select 1600x1200 and even higher, but the adapter scales it back to 1280x1024, which as you can imagine, looks like trash. DSR, which scales everything down using the GPU, looks fantastic though. Mostly I just want to get back to where I was before - 1920x1440@96Hz. So crisp and clean with buttery motion.