Question about blood doping


Jul 29, 2001
With the recent blood doping stories from the tour de france I got to thinking about something. Now, I might have this wrong, so someone should correct me.

As far as I understand it blood doping refers to a transfusion of blood to an athlete from someone with a similar blood type. The extra red blood cells allow the blood to carry more oxygen to the muscles, increasing performance. Apparently now they can detect the addition of another person's blood to an athletes during doping tests.

Why don't athletes just have some blood drawn from themselves, put into storage, and then re-injected after they build it back up? Are the timescales all wrong?

Viper GTS

Oct 13, 1999
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I think they do that as well

How is that detectable though?

The end result (higher red blood cell count) is the same either way.

Plus with your own you're going to be short for a while so it's far more beneficial to use someone else's.

Viper GTS