Puzzled about Vid Card


Dec 11, 2000
I bought my vid card from an online dealer advertising an nVidia 64 meg GeForce 2 Pro.. when I received the card I thought nothing of it, installed it, and went about my business. Then after playing Half-Life a few times and having a number of video problems(blue screen errors when entering game play, screen freezes to black with a green strip across the top, etc.) I decided to look at it and it turned out the card is made by Creative. So I figured ok, good, that's interesting so I went to DL the drivers for that card to replace my nVidia one's... one problem, I have no idea what card it is and the model number (CT5830) comes up on no search anywhere, even at Creative.com. I think it's a GeForce 2 GTS, the only thing close to the Pro that Creative makes and was wondering if anyone has an ideas on what I can do to find out for sure. Also... I DL'd the drivers for the GTS from Creative but after running the installation program nothing happened. Any ideas? Thanks.