PSU's Thermaltake VS Generic!


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Jul 11, 2004
Ok, so I never understood the railings and such for PSUs just have always stuck with brand names for safety reasons. Well now I have an Xcase 500W in my hand and I have a Thermaltake Silent Purepower 420W in my machine. Now people always say check the V railings, but like I said I haven't spent much time with PSU's. Under my +12 this Xcase has a 21A. Now with my Thermaltake under the +12 it says 18A. Now I'm not daft enough to understand that the higher the A the better, but my question the Thermaltake still a better choice because it is a name brand vs a generic brand?



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Jan 29, 2000
In this case w/out the full specs of the Xcase 500W PSU I couldn't tell you if it's much better than the thermaltake or not, but since you have the TT PSU installed already it's not really worth replacing for only 3 more A on the 12V rail if that is the only difference.