PSU Selection for 2nd build


Jun 25, 2003
Hello knowledgeable anandtech fans,

I am trying to retire my first desktop machine and give it to my cousin. However, I am hesitant in shelfing the Seasonic SS-400FS PSU that powers it. I have a couple of questions in regards to it and my new machine. First, here is a list of the components I have bought for the new build:

AMD 64 3200+ ATHLON 64

The new build will cannibalize the GeForce 6800 vidcard. At minimum, I will have one 120 mm and two 80mm fans.

I do worry about cooling and noise (who doesn't) -- but not to the extreme. Currently, I have four 80-mm Vantec stealth fans in the old case. The noisemaker is the stock CPU fan. I have been mulling as to whether (and if so, what?!) to buy a real CPU fan. If anyone can recommend a good deal on a CPU fan (and/or heatsink), I would appreciate it too.

Now the questions:

Will the old Seasonic 400W PSU be sufficient to power the new components? It is very quiet and has the old 20-pin connector required for the ASRock mobo. Or should I buy a new PSU (that should be nearly as QUIET)? If so, please recommend some that are under $85 or so.

I have been eyeing some PSUs over at the Hot Deal forum, a few of which are as follows:

o Fortron AX400 400W Power supply $39, 450W for $49
o Antec PSU's...SmartPower 2 500watt, modular, $52 shipped
o Super-Flower 400W for $40
o Ultra X-Connect 500W Modular PSU $25 shipped MIR

Yes, the values for the above PSUs are well under the limit I set. But each seem to suffice the power/amperage I will need for the new computer. Besides, like everyone else, it is time to save for Christmas shopping.

Many advance thanks for the help.
Aug 26, 2004
Antec PSU's...SmartPower 2 500watt, modular, $52 shipped

That looks like the best deal to me. I've been using Antec cases/PSU's for the last 6 years and never had problems. In fact, I'm getting a new Sonata II next week.