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PSA: Destiny 2 Migrating to Steam


Jun 30, 2003

If you don't migrate your account from battle.net to bungie/steam, you will legit lose everything.

Probably not so important for people regularly playing the game, but I figured I'd post this just in case.


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Jul 12, 2006
Uh, apparently this started back in February or something? I happened to be logging into Battlenet, where I picked up Destiny 2 for free, some...whatever 1.5 year ago when they were offering it for a weekend?

couldn't find it. was thoroughly confused. It did not exist in my library (the only game I have on Battle.net, lol)...I did the google search. Turns out it had changed to Steam, and I was months late in migrating my account.

I tried it a few days ago. Had to reset passwords and go through old folders of information to get it done. But, my account still migrated.

I mean, I only played the game for about a week, didn't really like the balance early on in trying to run some "simple"? quests, just didn't keep up with the way this game plays. I dunno...I liked it at first, but then I suddenly didn't. Anyway, I hadn't even come close to logging into that game in almost a year, I actually didn't remember what it was called and it took me a few days to remember, to then log into Battle.net and load it up again.