Problems with onboard sound Iwill KK266-R


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Oct 15, 2000
Keep getting this warning:

<< Cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding. >>

Please help :(


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Jan 30, 2000
Did you check your bios settings to ensure the on-board audio is set correctly? Is the board jumper for audio set correctly? Are you using the 6.21/6.22 driver set? What OS are you using?


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Jun 17, 2001
Exact copy of my msg in another post to womeone who seems to have the same prob :

I'll do a guess (as always)
cant it be that one of yer PCI cards takes away an IRQ of yer onboard soundcard ... check which of yer PCI cards need full length and which can share an IRQ and know that adjectant different slots mostly share IRQ (the pci below the AGP shares with the AGP) the PCI above an ISA shares with the ISA etc ... mostly soundcards and scsi (scanner or disk drive scsi) will require a full-length slot .. I have never encountered a nic that required full length but u might check that as wel .. about modems I dunno if they require full lenth or not (my old isa modem card always worked fine with shared IRQ, but now i've thrown it away ..)

well that's my guess, but it is nothing more than that
hope it helps though ...

Well that's All I can guess ...

we techies mostly need more info to solve a problem tho :D