problems reading minidv tape


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May 17, 2001
Doing video for my church's Christmas musical. I'm fairly new to all this. I've got a JVC DVL720 minidv cam I use (very consumer level cam, if you're not familiar with it). Our AV guy at church does professional AV stuff outside, so he got us some nice equipment for recording. I don't remember offhand what the camera is, but it's a nice Sony semi pro / pro model that records minidv or dvcam.

Anyway, brought home a minidv tape it recorded. Looks like crud on my jvc - very blocky and jerky. My instinct on watching it is that something out of alignment and misreading the digital signal. Camera says it needs a cleaning, so I try that. No better. Pop in a tape I've recorded, looks fine. Now I'm really confused...

Any idea what's going on here? In case it matters, I use JVC tapes and the one from church is a tdk that's been used several times before. All is recorded SP.