Problem with poor sound in game FMVs


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Jan 22, 2003
Here's what I'm on:

1.33 ghz Athlon (which brings up another question... it only displays 1ghz. why?)
192 mb RAM
GeForce 2 MX400
Integrated sound on my unknown mobo heh
Altec Lansing ADA305 speakers
24x4x2 CDR/RW
Windows XP Pro

Now for the problem: I'm getting poor sound quality in game FMVs. I only play 2 games, Starcraft and Quake 3 :D In SC for example, the sound during the opening cinema is choppy and distorted. In Q3, an even weirder problem occurs. The sound in its opening cinema starts out just fine, but near the end of the FMV the sound fizzles away and stops all together. It reminds me of the part in the Matrix where Keanu (sp) sticks his fingers in that mirror, and it covers his body and goes down his throat. Ya know how that sounded, then it stopped. That's how it sounds in Q3, basically, lol. Anyway, I only have a few ideas as to what the problem could be.

*EDIT* I just remembered, it's not just in cinemas after all. When I installed EverQuest, it plays music during installation, and that music was crackling/poor.

Idea 1: WinXP does't like my integrated sound. Or maybe it's just my inetegrated sound period. When I had Win98, I used my Aureal Vortex 2 soundcard. After installing WinXP though, XP would randomly freeze/reboot. I tried removing pieces of hardware, and it turns out my Vortex was causing the problem somehow. So I've been forced to use the integrated card. Maybe it doesn't cut it for games though? During games, it's fine... just the cinemas mess up.

Idea 2: WinXP doesn't like my speakers. I went on an extensive search to find the sound software/drivers for my speakers, because the CD that came with them was not for XP. I eventually found out that Altec made no software/drivers for WinXP, and that all I had to do was plug them in and they work. They do indeed work, fine as I can tell too, unless that's the problem with the in game cinemas.

Semi-Idea 3: My 52x CDROM isn't good at digital audio extraction (which I find odd), or so my burning software has told me. I tried installing/playing from both CDROMs though, and I got the same problem both ways, so I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

Any clue as to some solutions?

(Also, about my 1/1.33ghz Athlon... Someone told me that I have PC100 RAM, which allows my processor to go no faster than 1ghz. Whereas if I had PC133, then I could get the full 1.33ghz. Is this right, or is there something else wrong?)


Aug 10, 2002
I think I can answer the first question abot processor. If your FSB is set to 100MHz, the processor will be 1GHz (multiplier 10 x 100 = 1000) you need to set the FSB through the BIOS to 133 (10 x 133 = 1333), or it might be a jumper on your motherboard. Your RAM might have an option to set the divider to 4:3 (133 processor speed, 100 RAM speed)
I doubt the CD drive would be the problem, have you tried copying the FMV from the CD to your HDD and playing it through something else?
Did the FMV work OK with the Vortex? If so then it'll probably be the sound card. Have you got any friends who you could borrow sound cards from to test? That could help find out if it is the sound card.

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Oct 9, 1999
Change the hardware acceleration for audio playback. In win2k it's
Sounds & multimedia > Audio > playback > advanced > performance