Problem with Multiple Monitors and 660 TI


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Dec 1, 2015
So I have a PC running a Nvidia 660 Ti that's connected to 2 monitors. The first monitor is connected via a miniDP-DP cable, the DP being on my graphics card. The second monitor is connected via a DVI cable.

I had no issues with the display for a year, then all of a sudden issues crop up with my first monitor. Basically, when I boot up my PC, sometimes my first monitor would not be detected and only the second monitor would be working.

This issue seems to happen about 30% of the time I boot up. A temporary workaround is turning off the power and rebooting, though sometimes I have to repeat this process a few times. Reinstalling windows 10 and my graphics card driver did not solve the problem.

Help please!

Edit: I should add that when I took out both cables (with the PC running) and put them back in, the DP being the first to be plugged in, the first monitor worked but the second one did not. This suggests that the problem does not lie with a specific port/cable/monitor.
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