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Prey 2017 is a bad game

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Jun 24, 2004
Prey is one of my favorite games in the last several years. However, it does start off too hard early on and takes a little effort to get into. I was scavenging everything and really optimizing my inventory early on, but the game becomes much easier later on, pretty much at the moment when you are able to craft neuromods and start leveling up your abilities quickly. The game forces you to be stealthy and avoid conflict early on (and save/reload frequently) but the later parts are more like a regular shooter. I liked the visual style of the station and nonlinear level design, and the story has a great "nothing is what it seems" vibe, especially if you get the low chaos ending. The game feels very much like a System Shock 2 successor, more so than Bioshock, but they also copied a few bad aspects of that game.