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Predictions? 760ti faster than 670?

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Sep 16, 2010
it was an asinine thing to say. really just stfu if you cant come up with anything better than telling someone to start their own gpu business. I guess I will get on that after I start my own oil company.
Why don't you "stfu" if you don't understand sarcasm. Welcome to my ignore list.


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Aug 22, 2012
Looks like graphics wont be improving much after all. Those charts show that basically 20nm will be so expensive that we wont see any savings to offset increased transistors which basically means that our GPU's wont get much better.

Longer refresh cycles. Means no new GPU for long time. So why doesnt Nvidia make some better and cheaper SLI cards like a 685 GTX dual 670's on board.

AMD could make a 7950 CF card for £400 that you can overclock past 1ghz.

These are all better solutions than whats on the market today. AMD and NV need to work out how to make SLI and CF better.


Feb 8, 2004
The price wars of the HD4xxx vs GTX 2xx era are long over. Get used to it. Even if Intel got into the game, you know they wouldn't do anything to help with price/performance. If you don't like it, start your own performance GPU company.
Right i got ~£60 in the bank... We can call this thing "max's GPU company" and our slogan can be "maximum taste zero calories" whos with me? :awe:

Currently recruiting the following roles:

- Guy who knows about GPU's
- Guy who knows how to start a company
- Hot receptionist
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