Preacher pleads guilty to sodomizing boys; serving no time

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Aug 3, 2006
Originally posted by: JohnOfSheffield

Jehovas? Jewish? Muslim? whatever that comes from it is not from Christianity, there are no ritual actions, just the love of your own true saviour, some later evangelists have claimed that you must better your ways to be accepted... but lets face the truth.

NONE of them follow the bible, they pick and choose what is most economically feasible and will appeal to most people at one time.

It's gone so far that Christianity now is nothing more than a Coke Commercial for the lord.

And these twits claim moral superiourity on their ground of faith? They might like to think they have faith but true faith comes from within (take a look at your bible) there is no need to teach your kids, they will already know (again, look in your bible).

It's rubbush.
There's your problem, and yes that is rubbish. The idea is not that you must take a bath before taking a shower, so to speak; the idea is that you're supposed to be a better person once you accept Jesus, not that you need to somehow make yourself good before being acceptable.