PPC EVO1-5-U/U - What is it???


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Jun 22, 2003
Just bought a house that appears to be prewired for a lot of things. When I opened the communications box, among other things, a PPC EVO1-5-U/U was in it. I THINK its a cable splitter, but I'm not too certain how it works. Among other problems:

1. It has a coax ports for "OUTPUT-Passive" and "OUTPUT RF+DC PWR IN". What are these used for?

2. It has three (3) "OUTPUT" ports. Are those for TV and/or data?

3. Most perplexingly, it has a POWER coax input. In going to the company site a video shows a black box with two coax inputs being attached to the port. While the port calls for "15 VDC 400mA", there doesn't seem to be any AC/DC/ or battery input. Heck, the entire communications box seems to have no external power. Does the device use Power Over Ethernet or some other source? By the way, that black box is missing...

Calling the company provided me with a curt response that they don't support consumers. Nice.

So as you can see, I'm alone, adrift in the universe on this one. Any guidance would be welcome. PLEASE!!!


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Sep 30, 2005
Powered cable and satellite splitters use a power injection module that uses coax. That way installers just use the same RG-6 cable they carry around for power as well.