Question Power On By PS/2 Keyboard

Radish Spirit

Junior Member
Jun 22, 2022
In earlier builds I used Asus motherboards that would accept PS/2 keyboards. This allowed me to choose in the UEFI BIOS: [Advanced] > [APM Configuration] > [Power On By PS/2 Keyboard]. I’ve been accustomed to using Ctrl-Esc to start up my PCs. Very convenient.

But when I built my current PC the motherboard, an Asus Maximus X Hero, had no PS/2 connector. Very inconvenient! Now I’m getting together a list for a new build. I’ve tentatively chosen an MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4 MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4. It has a PS/2 connector. Yay! But in the board’s BIOS manual there’s no “APM Configuration” under “Advanced”. Boo. ☹

So, the question is, are there motherboards out there that will let me configure them to start from the keyboard?

BTW, the new PC will be used mostly for photo editing in Photoshop. No 3D, no video editing. No RGB! I’ll post a tentative list of parts for comment when I get this solved.