Post the CUTEST things EVER! :)

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Jan 4, 2001
calling a long time and well respected ATOTer's wife a man...yep...this forum has been taken over by trolls. No wonder there are no worthwhile threads here anymore.
While I'll admit that I'm not terribly good with facial recognition...I don't think that's his wife.

That's not cute...that's just sad...and pathetic.

Look at all the wrinkles in those uniforms!!
Picard would have to give it a tug or two.

(Tugging the uniforms. Presumably. :sneaky:)
May 24, 2003
Not "cute", but this put a big smile on my face. At first, I thought, "wow, most people would be terrified of the bear and would just wait til later to throw out their garbage. Hey, why isn't that bear running away?"
I always get a chuckle out of that one, I like how it's just so smooth. Back up, put ladder, forward out, and the cubs just start to come out right away and go see mommy. :D