Possible KT7-RAID problem


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Aug 12, 2000
Everything was going great untill a couple days ago. In Win98SE, after a few min of running windows my RAID array will lock up the computer. Reproducable 95% of the time when loading Counter-Strike, random lockups occur through normal Windows disk operations. I even *gasp* clocked the cpu back to 800 (default) and *double gasp* set the BIOS to failsafe defaults. Pulling out all the stops, I completely recreated the RAID array, and the problem is still there with a fresh install of Win98. No lockups occurred during installation, only after windows was up and running. Is there something I'm missing or do I need to RMA my board?


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Aug 22, 2000
I think that's a HPT370 problem.. my KA7-100 would do that too... same thing would cause it.. trying to run counter-strike.
Now I don't use my HPT370 IDE ports at all... only the regular ones and my Ultra66 card. (With the futureata disabled in the bios)
Abit doesn't keep up to date w/the highpoint bios's either... and that's the bad thing... you have to wait for abit to release a new bios for the motherboard that also includes the newer highpoint bios.


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Sep 24, 2000
Make sure that Soundblaster Live! isn't in PCI slot 5.
The KT7-RAID make whatever PCI device in that slot
share the IRQ with the RAID controller. Thus, if both
your Live! and the RAID controller start going off,
then you might have problems.

PCI slot 5 is the slot next to the ISA/PCI combo slot.