Possible email phishing scam for chase cards?


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Nov 17, 2005
EDIT: turns out it was legit...way to go chase! ...for making your real emails look like total scambait...lol

Got this email from chase fraud alerts today it had my last four account # digits and my full name in the email. It wanted me to click some links to authorize the charge to my netflix account (which I had just updated the billing to earlier today...which is scary) Of course I didnt click on anything :D

The links were directing me to this http s://activityconfirmation.chase.com

I did some googling on the phone numbers they gave me...but it was 50/50 split on if they were fake. People are retarded. Its either fake or its not...probably just people trolling.

Anyone ever get one of these emails?

Ive got some major browser protection (adblock, no script, dont take cookies...and wipe everything with CCleaner after every browser exit) Also using firewall and avast...Its scary as hell to think they could get all that info somehow....im hoping its legit...but in the meantime i forwarded it to chase.
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Dec 4, 2003
I have noticed a couple banks doing this. Really dumb on their part. Fidelity does it too. The link takes you to a page and there is a login on that page. Somebody just doesn't get it.

But you know, since you mention it, next time I get one, I will forward it to their security/abuse mailbox. I will add a note asking how their mom would be able to tell the difference? Maybe with a legit complaint to the security groups, they can go back to marketing and accounts and say, "see, we told you so."